Organization is my middle name. Not really. My mom had way more sense than that.

However, organization is something I love to have and work on. There is something peaceful about having a nicely organized closet. So as I searched Pinterest for baby closet organization ideas and certainly had a bunch of inspiration.

6fa737f3b741135b8f61fab502850bdf, baby’s room is little. I mean LITTLE little. As the smallest bedroom in the house, it is 10’x9′. So the closet is a tiny thing too. Perfect for a baby.

I knew I needed to get clever with the storage so I went out and purchased a sweater holder, some striped bins, and a closet rod doubler. I managed to find some cheap woven baskets from Lucky Clover Trading since our local dollar store only had scary colors of plastic ones. Set it all up and with the help of my handy label gun, I had lots of storage options in the closet. Including a floor bin for “too small” items on their way out. You can find similar wicker baskets to the ones I used here: Whitmor Rattique Storage Baskets S/3, Java

This is the result:


As for the closet dividers, I clearly needed something with my theme on it. I doctored up some clipart in Photoshop to create 6 different designs. Read the whole post here.


Closet Complete!