Great evening to you all! Rereading my last post I realized how much has changed since June. And what a nightmare life can be sometimes. Right after I wrote that post I discovered that I was expecting our second child. As I gleefully planned how I was going to tell my husband, we got some bad news. The bank appraiser wouldn’t approve our loan on the house until the basement was fixed. The sellers wanted us to pay for the repairs or take it out of the credit at closing (they were giving us $5k as a result of an inspection that turned up almost $30k in repairs like all new electrical, plumbing leaks, and a bunch of other weird stuff). They wanted to take all of that credit back and seal the cracks in the basement. Or just have us pay for it, even though we didn’t own the house yet. Needless to say, we were really uncomfortable with that. Especially since the listing agent mentioned at the first open house that the owner knew about the cracks and had already planned to fix them. So, they wouldn’t fix it and we couldn’t work it out so the entire deal fell through. As of July 28th, the deal was officially off. They listed the house again before even telling us the deal was off. Greed didn’t work out well for them, and the house is now listed $15k below what we were willing to pay and is looking at another winter on the market. It has been on the market for 462 days. Yikes.

Well, where did that leave us? With a ticking time bomb and no house. We ended up bidding on two more houses and losing out before having one accepted. It was an awesome house………that failed inspection. Besides being on septic that was too small and having no basement (weird for this part of the country and storage-starved people like us) it was also in the flight path. So we withdrew the offer. Would it have worked? Maybe. Was it really what we wanted? No. We were just panicked and willing to settle.

As we were releasing our offer we found out about a house that had been on the market for a year that just came into range. It was a bunch of things I didn’t want (ranch house, corner lot) but it was tempting enough to take a look at it. It had the land (2.2 acres), the storage (a 3 car garage AND a barn), and the bedrooms (5 bedrooms) we wanted.

I was sold when I pulled into the driveway. It was a private yard due to all the trees planted around it and it had the old charm feel without needing a complete gut job like the last house. Every room I walked into was like a dream come true. A sunfilled bay window overlooking a formal living room with gas fireplace (which I immediately claimed as “mommy’s room”). A nursery across from the master suite. A whole group of bedrooms and a bathroom separated from the rest of the house by a door that seemed made for kids. A formal dining room with enough space for our 120″ monster table. A kitchen with two ovens, concrete modern countertops, and enough cookie prepping space that I swore I heard my husband gasp. But it just didn’t end! The house continued on with a full walk up attic big enough for TWO man caves, and a full basement completely finished with storage enough for a playroom. Off the kitchen was an impressive vaulted family room with ANOTHER fireplace (be still my little heart) and a mudroom with first-floor laundry. But wait, there is another door! Leading to the fifth bedroom, handicapped bathroom, and the space beyond that was an old chicken coop finished and the perfect space for a home gym. Then the double barn and three car garage with walk up attic/hayloft. Storage, storage, EVERYWHERE. We hadn’t even finished the tour and we were talking offers. We offered and then upped our offer when we heard there was another. The seller accepted. I nearly cried. Turns out we won the bid by $100.

Fast forward a bit. The inspection came back with some suggestions, including upgrading electrical service. By some strange miracle, the seller agreed to do the electrical so as not to hold up the bank loan. On October 20th, we showed up at the courthouse still expecting something to go wrong. An hour later we had the keys and a new future. I still can’t believe it a month later. It has been a whirlwind of projects (which I can’t wait to share) but I still can’t believe this AWESOME house is ours. We officially moved in this weekend and have working internet so expect many more updates as we bring this 1920’s farmhouse into the year 2018 🙂