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Desk Re-do #2

What happens when you make a really cool desk for yourself? The future hubby wants one too! After seeing how I redid the desk for myself my fiancé, Geoff (yup, Jeff with a G), decided it was time for an upgrade too. Since he...

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The Office Accessories!

If you have been following along with the office makeover then we are on the same page. If not scroll back a bit to read about the filing cabinet and desk first. So we moved the desk into the office and it looks great but all of...

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New Desk Makeover

So right in there with the awesome new office color scheme mentioned in my previous post comes the new desk! This post got a little delayed due to the moving that happened but here it is anyway. My current desk is a huge wooden...

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Filing Cabinet Makeover

EXCITING NEWS! In 2.5 weeks we will officially be home owners!  What does that mean? It means redecorating galore! After all the most important thing about buying a new home is figuring out a new decorating plan right? (OK,...

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A New Bar!

Making a home bar out of a random kitchen cabinet from the thrift store. So I found this old cabinet that looks a little like this. (Not actual cabinet because the project is already finished) Except there was no doors on it,...

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